FAQ tag

Can we get an optional tag to label FAQ-type questions?

I would have thought that this would be handled already by the forum (which is basically in question and answer format anyway), but maybe I’m missing your point. Maybe you want to clarify?

By the way @damacdon, I’m very happy to see you putting information on this forum, thanks so much for taking the initiative!

Hi @dguest, the questions that I just posted to the RECAST forum were mostly moved over from the RECAST docs as a way to encourage use of the forum (and while I’d love to take credit, this was actually Lukas’ idea).

My thinking is that for these sorts of questions, and future ones that end up being repeatedly posed by different people, it might be helpful for people to have a quick way to filter for these questions and answers that could be generally relevant to them (i.e. FAQ), as opposed to eg. a ‘one-off’ that was quite specific to another person’s analysis at a particular point in time.

Does this seem reasonable from your perspective, or not really needed?

It seems like you should be a moderator, that way I believe you could just create these tags yourself.

If we’re seriously going to use discourse I think we’ll need some moderators, might as well start trying it out now. What do you think @lheinric?

Sorry for the late reply - I’d be fine with that if @lheinrich is on board

Just to follow up on this discussion - independent of the question of whether or not I should be a moderator, I’m still very much interested in making this FAQ tag. Would this be possible? @dguest, @lheinric