How do I translate my recast workflow to a REANA workflow?

I am trying to translate my recast workflow to a REANA workflow. I find the nice setup directions for REANA here - - and in their example analysis there is even a nice yadage-based configuration provided -

This is helpful, but their example has the steps of the workflow hardcoded in workflow.yaml whereas I have become conditioned to partition this into workflow.yml and steps.yml to make the steps reuseable in many stages of the workflow. This seems logical and efficient. Likewise, I have also been conditioned to organize my work in a directory structure like :


where workflow.yml makes reference to steps.yml with calls like step: {$ref: 'steps.yml#/eventselection_list'}. Again, this makes sense (or I am just hyperbiased).

I gathered that the only thing we should have to do is write a reana.yaml file that would fill in for the recast.yml file we all know and love. I have been able to do this based on examples, but it seems this requires a reorganization of the directory structure because when I try to submit the workflow from this top level myWorkflow directory, it complains that it cannot find myWorkflow/steps.yml. It is as if the $ref is referring to the top level directory and not the relative/local directory of specs.yml.

So the basic question is two-fold :

[1] Is there a clear set of directions that show the minimal set of steps needed to translate my recast workflow to REANA?

[2] Must we really reorganize the directory structure every time.

This is a good example of something with all the bits and pieces -