How to lookup reconstruction tag associated with a Monte Carlo campaign?

How do you lookup the reconstruction tag associated with a Monte Carlo campaign? Specifically, for the Monte Carlo campaigns MC16a, MC16d, MC16d.

This comes up as I was trying to get an updated file list for the dijet simulation with updated production tags. When I was getting them for Pythia I noticed that

rucio list-dids mc16_13TeV:mc16_13TeV.*.Pythia8EvtGen_A14NNPDF23LO_jetjet_JZ*WithSW.deriv.DAOD_JETM1.e*_s*_r*_p4128 &> filelist_MC16_pythia.txt

had some DIDS that had double reconstruction tags listed (which I removed) but then I noticed that there were repeats of DIDS that were different only in their reconstruction tag. For example


differ only by the reconstruction tags: r9364, r10201, r10724. Given that the current version of the JetDef Twiki lists the Pythia Dijet simulation as coming from mc16a,d,e I assume that these reconstruction tags correspond to the three Monte Carlo campaigns.

Is this assumption correct? If it is, how do you properly look up what Monte Carlo campaign correspons to what r tag?

Thanks to @dantrim for providing the link I needed to the ATLAS MC Production Group Twiki.

Is this assumption correct?

Yes, the tags to Monte Carlo campaign correspondence is:

  • r9364 is MC16a
  • r10201 is MC16d
  • r10724 is MC16e

how do you properly look up what Monte Carlo campaign corresponds to what r tag?

Check the ATLAS MC Production Group Twiki section on MC campaigns and then look at the production details link for the Monte Carlo campaign you care about. For example, for MC16a the corresponding TWiki page lists the reconstruction tags as

r9364: 21.0.20 (DMG) default

As a pedagogical reminder follow up given a further comment to me from @dantrim, the three Monte Carlo campaigns correspond to different run conditions in which there are different pile-up profiles.

  • MC16a is 2016
  • MC16d is 2017
  • MC16e is 2018
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just for completeness, to also add here the new r-tags for the MC20 campaigns which are listed under

  • r13167 is MC20a (2015/2016)
  • r13144 is MC20d (2017)
  • r13145 is MC20e (2018)
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