I need to build Docker images - how do I do this?

The best way to build Docker images for your analysis is using the Continuous Integration features of CERN’s GitLab. To get started make sure that your have

  1. Your Analysis dode in a CERN Gitlab repository
  2. Your Analysis dependencies registered as submodules in your analysis repository
  3. a Dockerfile in your repository root. This tells Docker how to build the image, e.g. how to compile your software. See the docker section of the recast docs for more info about writing your Dockerfile.
  4. a .gitlab-ci.yml file in your repository root. With this you ask GitLab to build the docker image according to the Dockerfile each time you change your analysis. See the “image-building with CI” section of the RECAST docs for more info on setting up automated image building with GitLab CI.

Due to the docs migrating to https://recast.docs.cern.ch, the relevant links in the message above are: