Issues authenticating to pull gitlab registry container


I’m running into issues pulling a container from a gitlab registry. I’ve seen it running on my laptop (with a previously working setup), using singularity on lxplus, and testing reana.

I did the recast auth setup and have username/password/token set to values that were previously working.

When the recast workflow (or individual test) gets to pulling the image, I see this in the packtivity pull log
INFO | starting file logging for topic: pull
INFO | master: Pulling from salderwe/run_susyskimewk3l
INFO | 77e8baeda62b: Already exists
INFO | 0300be6cf65a: Already exists
INFO | 42e5a9805e42: Already exists
INFO | 37c134034d05: Pulling fs layer
INFO | 1ea103c40e2d: Pulling fs layer
INFO | 28f387c0f1b0: Pulling fs layer
INFO | 37c134034d05: Download complete
INFO | 37c134034d05: Pull complete
INFO | 1ea103c40e2d: Verifying Checksum
INFO | 1ea103c40e2d: Download complete
INFO | 1ea103c40e2d: Pull complete
INFO | 28f387c0f1b0: Download complete
INFO | 28f387c0f1b0: Pull complete
INFO | error pulling image configuration: Get remote erro
r: tls: handshake failure

Can you advise what to test for further debugging, or which output to provide?

I also saw some “403 (Unauthorized)” errors on the same pull step, but currently cannot reproduce them. And it seems to be an unstable issue, since trying multiple times, very occasionally, I actually get a successful pull.

Using reana, the error presents as
rpc error: code = Unknown desc = unexpected http code: 403, URL:


Was also having this issue but seems to have resolved itself for me, for now.