Passing/Publishing Outputs Accross Dockers

Hi All,

I am trying to build the recast for my analysis.
The analysis is composed of two different software packages which uses different AnalysisReleases, hence they cannot be joined inside a single docker image.
So I have several docker images, each with their own individual steps.

I can test each step works fine when I run them, standalone providing the input files from eos, but I am having trouble passing the Outputs of one step to the other. I assume there is a publisher option to provide the datafiles to the new steps in pararlel with the name (which I think what the default example shows) but I cannot seem to figure it out.

If you could provide a bit more detail/documentation on the publishing system I would be glad.
Note for tests, the recast codebase can be found here:

Hi Ismet,

I’m no expert on this, but recently I managed to build RECAST for my own analysis. You can find its implementation here. In your case I would suggest to replace the line

datasetpath: {step: createntup, output: outputfile}

you have here with this one:

outputfile: {step: createntup, output: outputfile}

I think this might work.

Hi All,
I have just solved this issue, sadly I couldn’t find the documenation for it but worked through it via examples.
What one can do to pass infromation between images is using:
{workdir} tag in the workflow and save the output into the {workdir} directory and read it from {workdir} again.
Example imeplemntation can be found in my git-repo