Using CVMFS files in RECAST

Our analysis uses CVMFS for many centrally-located files. e.g. GRLs, PRW files (NTUP_PILEUP), Lumicalc files, and root files for recommended systematics.
I did add - CVMFS to the resources section of the steps.yml file, but when I do ls -lhrt /cvmfs/ | tee {outputfile} I get total 0 in the log. Clearly not available.

I see on the guide “For older analyses (i.e. release 20.7), it might be necessary to access CVMFS. (Note: for release 21 and onwards, this should not be necessary–please get in touch if you have a use-case).”

What do others do in this case?

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It turns out PathResolver should use HTTP to access those files as long as they are central calibration files.

In my case instead of pointing to
I changed the PRW file path to dev/PileupReweighting/share/DSID311xxx/pileup_mc16a_dsid311602_AFII.root

This seems to work both when CVMFS is available, and via HTTP when it is not.

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If files are in the calibration area you should not use absolute path referring to a particular infrastructure (cvmfs)

See PATHRESOLVER_ALLOWHTTPDOWNLOAD in the documentation Cern Authentication