Using cvmfs in Docker images

Can we use Docker images where cvmfs must be bind-mounted from the host, or must we use images which include all the software they need?

Hi @Beojan_Stanislaus, apologies for the late reply here!

We encourage people to use the versioned atlas analysis images maintained on docker hub (eg. athanalysis, analysisbase, etc.) so all needed software is included. The rationale is that the software available on cvmfs may change over time, but the RECAST workflow is intended to fully capture the software that was used for the analysis at the time that it was done. Please get in touch with me ( or post to the analysis preservation mattermost channel if you have a use-case that currently requires cvmfs access and we can try to find a way to package the necessary dependencies in your image.

The use case here was that we’re using an LCG release (LCG 98) instead of an ATLAS release. Ultimately I just made a base image on top of centos7-atlasos that includes the LCG and Python packages we need and we’re building all our images on top of that.

Thanks for the clarification anyhow.

Hi @Beojan_Stanislaus,

That sounds like a great solution!