We need a PATHelp thread here

@jburr mentioned that we could create a PATHelp thread here. I don’t think I have permissions, @lheinric what do you think? I guess it’s hard without Attila and friends on board.

I don’t think they would be opposed to the idea, though whether they have the time to provide significant support is another question.
Either way - this would need to be well-advertised as an alternative (or even replacement!?) for PAT help.

Significant support just means watching a category and replying to it though, right? If we could get a few people behind it it might build some momentum.

I’m also curious as to whether it might get some help from above: I believe that Microsoft is increasing our licensing fees for things like sharepoint so in some kind of ideal world we’d move away from it entirely. Of course getting rid of it entirely will take many years and I don’t know if there’s any financial advantage to a partial migration…

By an astounding coincidence take a look at the last slide in today’s ASG intro… :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, well as a starting point I guess we need @akras to complete to something.

A question raised from the ASG meeting: is it possible to tag a mailing list or something similar?

I’m sure you can make a bot that does it, but that goes back to the same issue where we have to implement that ourselves.

So… February 22 was quite a while ago. Just saying :slight_smile: Any ideas to improve usage?

I didn’t attend the ASG meeting when people discussed this, but I think I might just start posting my stupid questions here.

But as a starting point encourage people to set categories they are interested in to “watching first post” which will notify them when there are new threads.

I’m watching ASG and Machine Learning now. There’s nothing to watch, but I’m watching it like a boss.

Did this ever go anywhere? I’m from DAST, and it would also make sense to move DAST here.

But yeah, there’s a lot of momentum behind the mailing list, so being able to forward mails from the mailing list here, and send responses to the user’s mail would be a good way to get the migration going.

It seems like it could be done: https://meta.discourse.org/t/configuring-reply-via-email-e-mail/42026

Personally I think funneling DAST through this thread would be great. The only downsides I see are that:

  1. From that link it looks like we can only use one email account. Their suggested workaround was to forward everything to one account and then filter into categories on the discourse side.
  2. Someone would have to set it up. @fschenck are you volunteering? :slight_smile:
  3. The overall result will probably be better if we can get everyone using the forum directly rather than just using it to log emails. That said, I think anything which gets people onto a forum is still better than what we do now.

@lheinric what do you think?

Ah, I didn’t know it’s one email account for the entire discourse, but a filter would be simple.

Well, I could give it a go.

I also think it makes sense to move DAST here as we end up answering the same questions a lot, as searching the mailing list archives is a PITA even if you know what you’re doing.

But it would be important to keep both running for a while as people know the mailing list.

@fschenck this is me replying to see if your mailing list integration worked.