Why is RECAST a requirement?

The analysis you have built is extremely valuable . Each analysis looks at a unique patch in the phase-space of collision final states and it is very likely that in the future we will want to look at that patch of phase space in the context of new studies. I.e. for reinterpretation, we would like to estimate the yield in the signal regions of your analysis and perform a statistical analysis based on that yield.

In the past, such reinterpretation – which often come quite some time after the original analysis was published – often required asking the old analysis team to spend some time again on their old project to revive the software and run some jobs. RECAST aims to capture the full analysis at the time is is developed , that is when the analysis team is most familiar with the code, and archive it in a way that it can be re-run automatically in the future.

The end result of this excercise is then, that your preserved analysis will be able to generate new physics results long after it was first published.

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